Knallfabet Podcast September 2016 :: Spoken Word Szene Singapur


Der Frankfurter Autor und Knallfabet Redakteur Dirk Hülstrunk im Gespräch mit dem Spoken Word Poeten Marc Nair aus Singapur über Sprache, Singlish, Spoken Word Szene, Zensur und das Leben in dem ungewöhnlichen multikulturellen und multilingualen aber auch autoritär regierten asiatischen Stadtstaat zwischen Tradition und Hyper-Moderne.

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Albino Father: Blanket

Albino Father is a dad band. But only one member is actually a dad. Most of the songs are about horses. Some are about being afraid of things. Mostly they are loud.
We are not tied to a specific sound. We will change as we absorb the what not and the what have you that people tend to absorb. We’ll try to write good songs at the core of whatever noise we make.
Hopefully you enjoy it.


Band/Album: Albino Father: Blanket
Lizenz: Creative Commons – CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
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